Lesser kudus are found in acacia and commiphora thornbush in arid savannas; they rely on thickets for security and are rarely found in open or scattered bush.

The Hamadryas Baboon (Papio hamadryas) was once revered by Ancient Egyptians as representatives of the Egyptian god of learning, hamadryas baboons are also referr

The documentary Trophy, directed by Shaul Schwartz and Christina Clusiau, takes a vastly comprehensive look at hunting industries, breeding and wildlife conservation efforts, and anti-poac

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting some of the Burnet County 4H Shooting Sports group.The Highland Lakes chapter of National Wild Turkey Federation arranged this unique field trip on Sunday f


Mopane and acacia woodland are their favorite stomping grounds where they remain among the trees, avoiding crossing large open areas or venturing on to the plai

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